Ben Jaurigue

Named COO of Sabre Systems, Inc.

Benjamin P. Jaurigue - Chief Financial Officer

Ben Jaurigue


Sabre Systems, Inc. has appointed Ben Jaurigue Chief Operating Officer. This appointment follows the decision of Glen Ives to step aside as President and CEO. Sabre appreciates the significant contributions and accomplishments Glen Ives has made over the last 12 years with the organization. During his time with Sabre, Mr. Ives influenced company culture promoting many employee focused initiatives, grew relationships between Sabre and our valued customers and partners and helped lay groundwork for our continued success. Glen Ives will remain connected to Sabre as a Senior Strategic Advisor and part owner.

Sabre’s founder and Chairman Phil Jaurigue has resumed his previous role as CEO and will continue to guide Sabre with a focus on strategic growth and stability. Ben Jaurigue will fulfill the role of COO in conjunction with his current role as Chief Financial Officer. In addition to overseeing all financial matters, he will be responsible for business operations, growth and fostering company culture. Ben Jaurigue has been with Sabre since 1992 and holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Master’s in Business Administration. With nearly three decades of experience at Sabre, Ben Jaurigue brings a deep understanding of our organization and the needs of our employees and mission customers.

Phil Jaurigue, Ben Jaurigue and Sabre’s entire leadership team are committed to continuing to provide the very best career experience for our people; one that provides meaningful and challenging work that is aligned with their personal and professional development. In addition, Sabre is dedicated to continuing to supply cutting edge solutions to mission critical problems for our Department of Defense, Federal Civilian, state and local government, private sector and non-profit customers.

Phil Jaurigue adds, “Sabre has always been strategic about its growth in a way that will allow our people to meet their career aspirations. If we succeed, they succeed, and our mission customers benefit. It’s a win-win-win situation.”


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