Defend against cybersecurity threats and mitigate breaches with comprehensive, customized protection and remediation. Are your solutions customized to your mission?


Building cyber resiliency and survivability for information technology. We provide preventive measures and solutions to mitigate the outcomes of cyberattacks. We ensure compliance with Risk Management Framework and have a team of Fully Qualified Validators to support RMF/NIST compliance and obtainment of Authority to Operate.

  • Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
  • RMF Compliance and ATO support
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Testing & Assessments
  • Cryptography
  • Offensive/Defensive Cyber Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Red/Blue/Purple Teaming
  • Risk Assessment
  • Secure Web/Cloud Solutions
  • Tactical Network Protection Devices
  • Airworthiness & Anti-tamper
  • Program Protection Planning
  • System Security Engineering
  • Cybersecurity Safety (CYBERSAFE)

Cyber Highlights

Developing the Methodology for Cyber “Live Fire” for Weapon Systems
Developing the methodology for conducting cyber “live fire” for weapon systems, supply chain and IT infrastructures for Army, Navy, USAF and US Coast Guard. Directly applicable to all Federal, DoD and commercial cyber solutioning.
Offensive/Defensive Cyber Effects
Developing offensive/defensive cyber effects for small tactical unmanned air systems.
Exclusive Cybersecurity Solutions Technology Partner to Johnson Controls
Exclusive cybersecurity solutions technology partner to Johnson Controls providing training, risk assessments, 24/7 monitoring, penetration testing and compliance to their customers.
Providing Actionable Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting
Partnered with Trellix/Mandiant Affinity to provide actionable threat intelligence, threat hunting, cyber tools and cyber analyses, including Red Teaming.
Qualified Cybersecurity Vendor
Qualified cybersecurity vendor as demonstrated by our GSA IT-70 schedule – Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN.
Supports Tri-Service Cyber Programs
Supports Tri-Service cyber programs where we develop cyber risk assessment methodologies for aviation platforms.
Policy Experts
Developed the USAF Program Protection Systems Security Engineering Policies and co-wrote the Navy Cybersecurity Safety (CYBERSAFE) policies.
Spearheads the Joint Academia Industry, Government Focus Group (JAIG),
Spearheads the Joint Academia, Industry, Government Focus Group (JAIG), a consortium with over 60 members (colleges, defense contractors and Government leaders across the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard) who meet quarterly to address cyber talent management challenges.
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