Advanced Communication Technologies

Playing a key role in numerous U.S. Army and Navy programs. Significantly enhancing warfighting effectiveness.


Because Sabre understands the power of data, we assist our customers with enterprise data management solutions through an established set of processes, practices and activities focused on data accuracy, quality, security, availability and good governance. We help them define, integrate, and effectively retrieve their data for both internal applications and external communication.

  • TCP/IP Network Engineering
  • Wireless Network Engineering
    • Commercial Wireless – 3GPP, WiFi, etc.
    • Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET)
    • Tactical radios
  • RF Engineering
    • RF & EMI Analysis & Mitigation
    • RF Modeling & Simulation
    • RF Spectrum Planning and Management Tools
  • Software-Defined Communications
    • Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
    • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Advanced Antenna Design

  • Signal Processing
  • Protected Communications
    • Wireless Security
    • Anti-Tamper/Program Protection
    • AJ/LPI/LPD
    • Crypto Modernization
  • Systems Development and Support
    • Hardware/Software Integration
    • Data Fusion and Virtual Display Systems
    • Tactical Decision Aids
    • Technology Insertion Planning
    • Link 11/16 Operator Training
  • Advanced AI/ML for Communications
  • Advanced Sensing Technologies
  • Comms and Networking M&S

Advanced Communication Technology Highlights

Deploy Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
Awarded a $73.5M Phase III SBIR for Advanced Communications Development to research, develop, test, evaluate, and deploy advanced Radio Frequency (RF) systems capable of legacy and advanced operations.
Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (STUAS)
Awarded Prime contract to identify, analyze, design, develop, integrate, test, assess, and transition C4ISR advanced technologies and payloads to Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (STUAS) programs
High-Performance STE Optimization Network (HP-SON)
Awarded Phase II SBIR by Army Futures Command to develop a complex AI/ML-based approach to optimize network performance for the US Army’s sophisticated Synthetic Training Environment (STE). Our High-Performance STE Optimization Network (HP-SON) will improve performance through a combination of data compression, protocol optimization, intelligent packet processing, and forward data storing, all driven by state-of-the-art approaches.
Leveraging Commercial 4G and 5G Wireless Communications for the Tactical User.
Thought Leader in the Army’s C5ISR Center’s efforts to leverage commercial 4G and 5G wireless communications for the tactical user.
High Performance Computing (HPC) Management
Supports the Navy Advanced Sensor Technology Program Office with High Performance Computing (HPC) management, Littoral Surveillance Radar System, Advanced Airborne Sensor, and Integrated Test Teams.