Our team uses leading technologies, methodologies and industry recognized best practices including Agile and traditional frameworks to successfully deliver a high-value, scalable capability to our customers.

Our delivery model is designed to provide on-time capabilities through embedded systems, web applications, mobile development, and cloud based solutions to maximize return on investment and customer satisfaction.



Application Development

Sabre application development services provide capability across the application spectrum including web, mobile, and backend capability. Development practices are based on traditional and Agile frameworks, CMMI® processes, and customer feedback. Sabre experts support their customers on and off-site during all phases of the application development lifecycle. We work with customers to identify, design, and implement software technologies that meet requirements within budget, schedule, and other constraints while managing risk. Our team possesses technological expertise in Open Source, Java, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Apple, Adobe, SAP and other technologies.

Sabre provides the following application development services:

  • UI/UX design and development
  • Agile Development, Modeling, and Design
  • Mobile workforce applications
  • Database management
  • Testing/verification, validation and accreditation (VV&A)
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration Service
  • User training and support
  • Technical documentation
  • Configuration Management (CM) and Quality Assurance/Control (QA/QC)
  • Information assurance and security


Successful Agile implementation is more than choosing a framework and tools for development teams.  Enterprise Agility maximizes the benefits of Agile development by aligning the functional business resources to bring development needs to the forefront. When done correctly, Agile provides increased visibility and transparency into execution and enhanced planning that traditional software development life cycle's cannot provide.  Developing a plan and the right facilitation strategy can make the difference between success and chaos. 

Sabre's proven Agile Approach:

  • Aligns organizational strategy with execution activities in a single holistic process
  • Uses metrics and information to continuously improve processes and practices thereby optimizing performance
  • Empowers the development teams to be more delivery focused and proactive in delivering capabilities to meet customer needs
  • Allows the business to manage by development metrics and delivery to have increased transparency to better plan and evaluate projects
  • Program/project management
  • Requirements management
  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)/Trade studies
  • Agile Engineering Transformation
  • DevOps (Development Operations) Transformation
  • Mission planning systems
  • Work order management


Sabre can help organizations of all size increase customer delivery through a variety of processes and tools. These mechanisms automate the development and operational environment and make quality assurance, test, and deployment processes more efficient, repeatable, predictable, and secure.  Our DevOps services complement our Agile implementations by promoting collaboration and communication through the entire software development life cycle to accommodate rapid capability deployment in a secure fashion. 

The automation of integration and delivery pipelines within deployment processes results in repeatable builds that reduce release time and risk of configuration errors across environments. Our engineers leverage tools including Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Ansible, GitHub, and other technologies to increase the delivery cadence from a few times a year, to several times a week.

Managing data center and cloud assets through automation is a true workforce multiplier.  Automation tools also increase the stability of your environments, and reduce configuration drift and mismatches.  We can help develop operations processes that provision infrastructure in minutes instead of days or weeks by building a toolchain that includes Puppet, Chef, Salt, CFEngine and increase security by automating Risk Assessment through SCAP and OVAL while integrating Fortify, Sonar and Nessus analysis tools.

Applying containerization and orchestration tools for application packaging and deployment provides configurable and immutable infrastructure. These infrastructure assets have been verified for compliance, guaranteed to be the right version, and are elastic and scalable within minutes through monitoring tools.  We can develop a container ecosystem using tools from Docker, Apache Mesos, Amazon EC2 Container Store and Kubernetes that will ease the deployment angst of new releases and provides scalability that traditional infrastructure can't match.


Software Support Activity for Naval Air Programs

Sabre provides the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Software Engineering and Acquisition Management Division (AIR 4.9.4) with Systems and Software Integration and Software Development, Platform Simulation, Integration and Laboratory Engineering, and Software Engineering activities in support of Naval Air Programs. This effort includes the development and integration of aircraft systems, mission systems, and support systems including software and mission system and laboratory hardware. We perform systems analysis, requirements development, software development, systems and software integration, testing, and fleet introduction and support of warfare systems into Naval Aircraft. Key products and services include P-8 Tactical Operational Mission Software; SH-60R Mission Systems Software; E-2 C/D Mission Systems Software; and Acoustic Signal Processing Software.

NAVAIR IT/IM Enterprise IT and DevOps Support

Sabre provides software engineering lifecycle support to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Information Technology / Information Management (IT/IM) Department (AIR 7.2) which encompasses enterprise-wide IT services for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and their 30,000 users. Our web, database and SharePoint software development is performed using Agile software development methodologies and leverages DevOps processes and practices.

BLS Agile Transformation Project

Sabre is assisting the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in adopting Agile software development practices as part of their organizational Agile transformation.  Our Agile team provided an upfront assessment of their current software development practices and tools, and provided a roadmap to implement the adoption of agile practices and processes.  Sabre is coaching/training portfolio managers, product owners, software developers, architects, testers, and designers on how to operate in an Agile environment. For the initial Agile project, we provided 6 Agile teams to deliver a big data analytics platform that manages the data and output for the Consumer Price Index Program.

Software Design, Implementation and Testing for Army

Sabre assisted the Army Program Manager for Electronic Warfare with the implementation of the RF Interference Mitigation (RIM) mission and created a new Product Manager (PdM) for Electronic Warfare Integration responsible for RIM.  Sabre designed, implemented and tested a software program to translate Electromagnetic output for Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel/ Ordnance (HERP/HERO) studies from xFDTD, a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software.

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