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Sabre offers customers integrated solutions around four pillars: analytics, aviation systems, C4ISR, and cyber. These capabilities come together to build a platform of innovation and performance for our customers while being supported by the strength of our technical competencies within engineering, information technology, software development, program management, logistics and statistical programs. Contact Sabre for more information.


Today's competitive environment demands the use of analytics to make smarter decisions, enable faster actions, and optimize positive results.

Sabre delivers analytic expertise to assist government, international and commercial customers in making informed decisions from raw, complex data. The information we generate impacts policies, products and fiscal decisions. Sabre staffs numerous experts, many with Ph.D. level degrees, who are world-renowned in their field and recognized by our customers for the insights they provide to a variety of high-level projects. Our professionals average more than 25 years of experience in their fields and are well-versed in the latest tools, methodologies, and approaches in computer science, statistics, mathematics and data visualization.

Aviation Systems

Sabre offers customers the breadth of our experience supporting multiple U.S. Navy manned and unmanned air systems platforms. We provide insight for customers based on our knowledge of the technology challenges facing the DoD’s use of unmanned air systems including: communications, lost link, cyber, sense and avoid, separation, flight testing, analytics, logistics, training, sensors, weapons and payload.

Sabre provides technical and engineering support for aviation systems, including systems design, integration, installation, operations, maintenance, and training. Our subject matter experts provide SIGINT, Electronic Support (ES), engineering, and technology support for manned and unmanned air systems, as well as surface and land based systems. We are experienced in evaluation and analysis of radio frequency (RF), visual and audio distribution systems and the development, test and evaluation (T&E), technology demonstrations, prototyping and documentation of C4ISR and associated systems.

Our strong portfolio supporting multiple UAV programs and associated systems demonstrates Sabre’s ability to develop tailored solutions for specific customer missions.


Sabre engineers and technical staff support the design, development, integration and acquisition of state-of-the-art C4ISR solutions affording a superior, networked, knowledge rich environment that enables Warfighter domination. Sabre’s experienced technology specialists provide acquisition, research, development and engineering functions that ensure mission success.

Sabre performs the following C4ISR tasks:

  • Antenna Technology
  • Commercial Wireless Technology
  • Communications (M&S)
  • Communications Security
  • Cryptographic Evaluations
  • Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
  • Electromagnetic Interference & Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Hardware Integration
  • Information Assurance
  • ISR Test & Evaluation
  • Link 11/16 Integration & Test
  • Mobile Networking Analysis
  • Nanotechnology
  • Network Operations
  • Program Management
  • Radio Frequency (modeling & simulation)
  • SATCOM (on-the-move)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Tactical Communications & Networking Studies and Analysis
  • Tactical Radio


Sabre has solid experience providing Cyber Security and Information Assurance technical and programmatic support to DoD customers in the areas of Computer Network Operations, Key Management programs, Tactical Network Protection Devices, Vulnerability Assessments and Key Management Infrastructure.

Our engineers are experienced in the development and testing and of tactical and non-tactical information and communication security products for DoD networks. We prepare, review, and update security documentation; provide expertise in network security, firewall and intrusion detection systems and crypto devices; test and certify commercial off the shelf products in the lab and field to ensure they meet operational performance and network security needs; detect/correct security issues that stem from software code, application data, and net-centric software interactions and provide RMF certification for DoD systems.

Typical examples of support include:

  • Testing of new and emerging Cryptographic Devices and Technologies (test planning, lab and field tests, device evaluation, recommendation for fielding)
  • Evaluating High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryption (HAIPE) Implementations
  • Securing Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Devices (SME PED)
  • Evaluating Link Encryption Family Employments
  • Evaluating Secure Voice Products
  • Assessing various Key Management Infrastructure Implementations
  • Developing RMF Process Guidance for NAVAIR and Army Program Manager for Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS)
  • Developing Computer-based Training Modules for the Operation of the Army's KIV7M, KG175D, and KG250 Crypto logical Devices
  • Designing and Simulating Module/Sub-module Components for Army Crypto Device development
  • Performing Vulnerability Testing for Near Field Communication Devices
  • Preforming RF Interference Assessments
  • Assessing Software Base Encryption Solutions

Sabre provides:

  • Network Security Assessments
  • System Security Device Evaluation
  • Intrusion Detection Systems Evaluations
  • Lab Testing of new Encryption Products (Crypto)
  • Program Assurance Management
  • Program Protection Planning
  • Anti-tamper Systems Engineering
  • Testing (lab/field) and Assessment of Network and Communication Security Products
  • Secure Software Technique Development
  • Module/sub-module Level Design and Simulation of Secure Devices
  • Security Documentation
  • Technology Planning for Cyber Technology
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
  • Computer-based Training for the Operation of System Security Devices
Want to know more? To learn more about Sabre’s solutions, please contact us.