Sabre Systems, Inc. is a quality-driven, professional services company that specializes in providing technology, scientific and management solutions to government, international and commercial clients.


We are committed to providing outstanding technical support and services to broad reaching customers across the DoD, Government Agencies and Industry as we strive to help them and our Sabre Team excel. As a widely trusted, professional and ethical company, we strive to be your company of choice.


Sabre leadership and employees identified key values to help build an environment where our employees can thrive and our company can excel. At Sabre, we take our Corporate Values seriously. These values help guide our leadership, our employees and drive company policy and business making decisions – they are an extension of our commitment to quality – for both our employees and our customers.

Ethical Behavior



Can Do Spirit






Work/Life Balance

Code of Ethics

Sabre Systems, Inc. has created a Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for all employees. At Sabre, we are dedicated to conducting business with the utmost integrity. We are committed to business practices aligned with the strictest ethical code and assert that operating within these standards is a duty that each and every employee must share. Sabre is a community of well-trained and highly motivated men and women. We have significant commitments to our customers, our suppliers, the many communities of which we are a member, to society as a whole, and to each other. These commitments, which are a prime element in any code of business ethics, are briefly summarized here:

To our customers, we are committed to continue to provide outstanding performance, to produce quality products and services that meet or exceed requirements and specifications, and to meet required schedules and budgets. We are also committed to the protection and handling of classified information in accordance with established rules and regulations.

To our suppliers, we will emphasize fair competition, cooperative relationships, and a sense of responsibility that will enable us to be a good customer. We will protect all proprietary information belonging to any organization that has entrusted it to us.

To the many communities in which we reside, and to society as a whole, we are committed to responsive corporate citizenship. We will conduct ourselves in a moral, ethical, and beneficial manner in all aspects of our business. We are committed to compliance with federal, state, and local environmental protection requirements.

To our employees, we will treat one another fairly, implementing employment practices and programs related to compensation, education, training, recreation and health on the basis of fairness and equal opportunity for all employees. We will provide safe and healthy working conditions and maintain formal programs intended to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. We will protect each other’s privacy and conduct ourselves with the dignity and respect due all human beings.