Voice of the Customer

In a continuing effort to provide excellence in customer satisfaction, Sabre instituted a Voice of the Customer (VOC) program.

The VOC program is a six sigma process that establishes the infrastructure, processes and procedures necessary for capturing, effectively understanding, and satisfying customer requirements and expectations.

Sabre's VOC program relies on informal face-to-face interviews between Sabre management, independent of the program, and key customers, to provide insights into customer priorities and to measure Sabre’s performance. Six attributes (Value, Responsiveness, Quality, Corporate Support, Innovation and Overall Performance) are measured using a color ranking system, and the customer is invited to provide detailed feedback. Any attribute receiving a poor rating requires the Sabre Program Manager and team to design a timely solution approved by the customer. All collected VOC data is accessible and reviewed by Sabre leadership on a quarterly basis.

This program, which has been embraced by our customers, continues to be both informative and enlightening, and has thus far proven a tremendous success.